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  REAL115 - Real Estate Finance I
  Mode of Delivery:  Fully Online
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Deborah L. Huffman

Real Estate Finance 115

Fall 2017

CRN 89121
San Diego Mesa College
7250 Mesa College Drive
San Diego, CA 92111


Textbook and Course Material Requirements

California Real Estate Finance

10th Edition or 10e Edition
Cengage Learning (Publisher)
 ISBN-10: 1-62980-017-1 orISBN-13: 978-1-62980-017-2
                                                            MUST BE THE 10th EDITION or 10e Edition!
Mortgage calculator is not required.


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Hardware and Software Requirements

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Course Description

This course analyzes the financing of real estate. Topics will include types of financing sources; loans and loan processing; government loans; methods of financing residential properties; an overview of financing business, income, commercial and industrial properties; property appraisal and taxation. This course applies toward the State’s educational requirements for the broker’s examination and as an elective for the salesperson’s license.

Course Objectives

1. Apply the principles of real estate financing.

 2. Identify and describe sources and types of funds used.

3. Evaluate techniques applied to mortgage lending.

4. Perform mathematical computations.

5. Define key real estate finance terms.

6. Explain important finance concepts.

7. Describe institutional lenders and sources of funds.

8. Identify creative or alternative financing options.

9. Compare the relationship of the business cycle to the real estate cycle.

10. Discuss issues and concerns a lender might raise in qualifying a borrower for a loan.

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Additional Information

You will not need a financial calculator.  You will be able to use a regular calculator.  It can even be an inexpensive one from WalMart :)  My classes always fill up very quickly so you will want to purchase your textbook as soon as possible.  Looking forward to "seeing" you in class!


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